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Online Casino News - May, 2008

NetPlay Acquires UK Player Database From Pitch Gaming



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by Edward Rogers, News Staff Writer

May 29, 2008

You might be surprised just how much money 3,500 players can gamble online in a single month. Well, if you're in in the UK-based Pitch Entertainment's database of players who call PitchGaming.com home, this amounts to over 2 million in bets per month. Only now, these figures may also be identifiable with NetPlayTV, who recently acquired Pitch Entertainment's entire gaming database for 125,000.

Also included in the database acquisition is an agreement to redirect PitchGaming.com visitors to NetPlay's popular internet roulette site, LiveRoulette.com, which in turn, is being used to promote NetPlay's latest TV gaming websit, LiveBlackjack.com. Both services can now be found on SKY Channel 847, Virgin 1 and Bravo 2, while Pitch Gaming's services can be found round-the-clock on Sky Channel 848 (Pitch TV has moved to Sky Channel 842).

Before confusing anybody with all these numbers and channels, let me explain what TV gaming programming actually is. Similar to live dealer online casinos - a cross between online gambling and land-based betting - services like Pitch TV and NetPlay allow bettors to log online much like you would at a standard online casino, place bets, and then watch the live outcome broadcast on a corresponding Sky TV Channel.

NetPlay's LiveRoulette.com, which was launched in 2005, it is the longest running and quite possibly the most popular TV gaming service in the UK. Now handing out millions in winnings every month, NetPlay is a thriving company licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and traded on the Alternative Investment Market of the London Stock Exchange.

As for Pitch Entertainment, they too provide TV gaming programming, but also specialize in one of the internet casino, poker and sports betting industry's most budding sector - mobile phone betting. Pitch Gaming provides online casino betting via Wager Works software (for real money and fun money), mobile phone gaming, and live TV gaming. They are intended for the UK crowd and do not accept players from the U.S. and France. Anyone can, however, play their online casino games for fun money.



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