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Online Casino News - May, 2008

Clarion Gaming Report: Online Gambling Advertising in the UK



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by Elizabeth Nguyen, News Staff Writer

May 13, 2008

Leading gambling publisher and events organizer, Clarion Gaming, has issued their latest report, and this time it concerns one of the more sensitive topics in the online gambling industry currently - Online gambling advertising in the United Kingdom. Following the UK Gambling Commission's recent unveiling of the UK online casino whitelist, Clarion Gaming's report is a timely addition to the broadening library of gambling industry trend publications.

Titled "Advertising in the UK - Navigating the New Rules for Gambling Services", the 49-page report explains the new rules and regulations covering advertising by approved UK facing online casinos and betting sites. Not only does it list who may advertise, the report cites what is acceptable for each gaming company to advertise.

Considering the recent media pullout by the UK Gambling Commission, the report would even serve as a great resource for approved operators who may be unsure about the finer points of advertising to UK citizens. Apparently, some operators thought the UK Gambling Commission would be inclined to some flexibility with their advertising code (or at least open to interpretation). Well, I suppose you could say the interpretation part isn't amiss, for you may recall the Commission recently pulling ads by the Irish bookmaker, Paddy Power, and the Cryptologic powered UK online casino favorite, Inter Casino, both of whom were apparently guilty of making their ads to child-friendly.

As for Clarion, their promotion of the new report is at a time when advertising in the UK is quite opportune for betting operators. With online gambling regulated under the 2005 Gambling Act, broadband penetration surging, and other remote forms of wagering, such as mobile phone online gambling and digital television, catching on with more tech-savvy consumers, the heightened opportunities for increased business are clearly evident.

The report is currently available for purchase as a download on Clarion's website (delivered by email). There is also a free twelve-page executive summary available for those interested in reading the general contents of the publication. In addition to covering the new online casino advertising policies and regulations of the 2005 UK Gambling Act, the report provides demographic data regarding the UK population, as well as a charted analysis of how emerging technologies are penetrating the UK public.

Clarion's "Advertising in the UK - Navigating the New Rules for Gambling Services" may not be the best reading for your average online gambler, but it's nice to know it exists, and it certainly is a valuable asset for anyone with a professional interest in the online gambling sector.



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