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Online Casino News - March, 2009

William Hill Casino Club Gets Makeover of the Year


  Seed Newsvine

by Margaret Oliveira, News Staff Writer

March 25, 2009

If there was an online casino who deserved an award for reinventing itself, William Hill Casino Club would certainly be at the top of the list. Does the name sound familiar? Sure, this is the same Will Hill that has been around the UK land-based gambling scene for, well, as long as anyone can remember. Even Will Hill's first internet betting site has been around since the early beginnings of the online gambling industry itself.

Dabbing their hands into everything from online poker and casino games to bingo and sports betting, Will Hill has been no stranger to the online bettor who prefers to make all their bets under one roof. But in many ways, you could say that Will Hill has played it safe with their image. Perhaps trying to keep up their appearance of "class" and "sophistication" earned as a land-based gambling company, Will Hill's online presence has been nothing but formal and boring.

But things change. And the new Will Hill Casino Club is anything but boring these days. Not only have they changed their look and feel with a big dab of hot leg wax, Will Hill has changed online casino software platforms. Now using the highly innovative and animated platform by Playtech, you could say that Will Hill has officially changed with the times. There are certainly some other great software platforms out there, but Playtech is no doubt one of the best - and certainly one of the hippest.

The latest changes at Will Hill now include a no-download, instant Flash version of their casino, compatibility with more languages, and new payment methods (Giropay and eNets) specifically catering to players from Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and even Singapore. Also, gamblers in Ireland can now use the popular Laser Card. Will Hill's latest promotional video sums it all up, covering everything from the new software platform and promotions to payout percentage reports being prepared by Technical Systems Testing (TST).

In other words, Will Hill is doing all they can to get more paying players. I mean, these days, it's a necessity for survival. Besides visiting Will Hill directly, to get a better idea of the changes taking place here, not to mention the new "atmosphere", check back here soon at Online Casino Suite for a detailed and comprehensive review of the new William Hill Casino Club.



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