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Online Casino News - March, 2009

Rummy Royal Leads the Way into 2009


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by Devon Chappell, News Staff Writer

March 13, 2009

In the world of online skill gaming, there is no other faster growing game than Rummy. And in equal measure, there is no other betting destination more synonymous with Rummy and more popular with Rummy players than RummyRoyal itself. There's no coincidence that Rummy Royal is the only online rummy card room reviewed here at Online Casino Suite. They simply are the best and largest rummy destination in operation.

Since there has been less demand for rummy online (that is, until recent times), there have been far fewer operators catering to gamers, than say, online casinos catering to the general internet gaming populace. As was the case when poker first started getting popular, there was just a handful of operators who largely stood out from the rest of the pack, like Party Poker, Empire and Poker Stars.

Now it's Rummy Royal who has single-handedly risen from the humble beginnings of the online rummy industry. And these days, considering the amount of players and money fueling Rummy Royal, there just simply is nothing to be humble about. Surpassing the tournament offerings at many popular online casinos, Rummy Royal has assuredly caught the attention of the online gaming community at large.

Closing out 2008, Rummy Royal threw the largest Rummy 51 (Kalooki) tournaments ever - a series of three $10K guaranteed jackpots. Last month, they went even further by hosting a single $15,000 guaranteed Rummy 51 tournament, which had a low buy-in fee of only $55 and three available re-buys. And even with such a low buy-in, Rummy Royal was still offering satellite tournaments with fees as low as $3.25 for winning vouchers and rebuy vouchers. The same tournament is also planned for March 22, 2009 (satellite qualifiers have already begun).

Also last month, Rummy Royal was honored by Casino Affiliate Programs (CAP) at their annual awards ceremony in London. Rummy Royal took home the first place prize for "Best Skill Game Affiliate Program" (for the second year in a row), while  RR's affiliate manager, Shay Shevach, nabbed the "Best Skill Gaming Affiliate Manager" award. The accolade not only reflects Rummy Royal's commitment to expanding the reach of the online rummy sector, it shows just how important the concept of customer service is to the management team at RR.

Now available through Facebook and in seven different languages, Rummy Royal is starting to make some big waves and is definitely worth checking out. Read our Rummy Royal Review for more information.



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