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Online Casino News - March, 2009

Paramount Movies to Become Online Casino Games


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by Devon Chappell, News Staff Writer

March 18, 2009

You might recall a recent article here at Online Casino Suite about top-tier online gaming software developer, Cryptologic, and their rise to become the quintessential leader in branded online slot machines. Now beginning to get some heated competition from the likes of Playtech, who recently secured a deal with Marvel Comics to brand their own versions of the Marvel superhero characters, Cryptologic has answered the call by securing two more high profile partnerships.

Our last article about Cryptologic recounted their newsworthy deal with Marvel's rival - Warner Brothers DC Comics - to begin branding slots based on DC's most popular comic characters, including Superman, Bat Man, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern. Just this week, Cryptologic announced another licensing agreement - this time with Paramount Digital Entertainment. The deal will give Cryptologic rights to brand even more pop-culture characters into online casino games, including a fantastic lineup of characters from Paramount Picture's most popular movies.

Just think back to some of your favorite movies of all time and you might just very well name off one of Cryptologic's next online slot machines. Twenty of Paramount's feature film titles will undergo Cryptologic's magic branding touch, including all-time best sellers like Braveheart, Forrest Gump, Beverly Hills Cop and Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

Chiefs for both companies - Cryptologic CEO, Brian Hadfield, and Paramount's Interactive Licening VP, Luke Letzia - expressed excitement to be working with one another. Letzia pointed out how much the online gaming industry has evolved, and that Paramount's movie titles will fit perfectly well in this new era of online entertainment. Hadfield, who recently took over the reigns as Cryptologic's CEO, said this "vindicates and enhances their strategic position", and that branded slots, which have consistently proven to drive online casino revenue - will foster a profitable return for both companies.

In other words, that means you, the online gambler, are going to get Cryptologic and Paramount even richer! And while that is the underlying reality of all gambling - jokes aside - another reality is that these games offer great fun and entertainment - and let's not forget some big winnings when Lady Luck pays you a visit. Cryptologic has helped make several millionaires since licensing some of the very first online casinos, like InterCasino, in the mid-nineties. This lineup of Paramount casino games will no doubt prove to do the same. I suppose the only question left is whether Mel Gibson, Tom Hanks and Eddie Murphy will get royalties? Maybe they should just spin the reels!



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