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Online Casino News - March, 2008

World Poker Tour to Upgrade Online Casino by Cryptologic



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by Margaret Oliveira, News Staff Writer

March 20, 2008

As the World Poker Tour continues to grow, so too does Cryptologic...and vice versa. Being one of the leading online casino and poker room software developers of today, Cryptologic has an expansive reach into the breadth of the online gaming community. And for World Poker Tour, their position as one of the world's most prestigious professional poker circuits, certainly carries plenty of weight.

You could call it a match made in heaven. Or you could also call it a match until at least 2011. The two gaming giants have extended their contract with one another until 2011, including an expanded offering of online casino games and a Spanish and German software platform. Considering WPT signed on with Cryptologic just under one year ago, the expanded relationship obviously foretells a successful relationship thus far and to come.

There's no doubt that both companies have outstanding brand recognition. With Cryptologic being chiefly known for their security and banking infrastructure, not to mention an outstanding selection of highly graphical online casino games, WPT has obviously realized the great potential in offering a full online casino package in addition to an internet poker room that is thus far doing quite well for itself. According to the new contract, WPT has exercised its option to upgrade from a mini-casino to a full functioning online casino with over 200 games, including the exclusive Marvel Superhero progressive slots.

As both companies continue to expand deeper into the European gaming market, most notably the German and Spanish speaking sectors, the void of U.S. players (Cryptologic online casinos do not accept U.S. players currently), is not hurting business operations. Online gambling is a global pastime these days, and until the U.S. government decides to regulate, some providers won't even bat an eye.

World Poker Tour CEO, Steve Lipscomb stated their expanded relationship will allow them to take the World Poker Tour website to a higher level. He cited both the reputation, Wagerlogic software features and proven liquidity of Cryptologic Casinos as chief factors in choosing them to power what will certainly be a popular online casino to come.



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