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Online Casino News - March, 2008

World Series of Poker Tournament Embraces New Rules



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by Margaret Oliveira, News Staff Writer

March 13, 2008

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) is arguably the most popular and well known poker tournament in the world. One reason why it has remained so successful over the years is that the organizers behind WSOP have changed with the times. For instance, twenty years ago, poker players participating in WSOP events did not have to worry about cell phones going off during the Flop. These days, however, everybody has a cell phone.

And as WSOP organizers have now duly noted, not only can these cell phones be a great distraction to other players, they can be used to go online and send text messages. This is precisely why Rule 52 of tournament guidelines now states that cell phones and other electronic devices cannot be used within one table's length from a participants assigned table. Furthermore, no devices that can access the internet are allowed to be used whatsoever.

Other new rules will be enforced at this year's WSOP finale held at Harrah's in Las Vegas. Largely based on past encounters and issues at the tables, WSOP rule makers are now putting a muzzle on player antics and celebrations. The rule says that inappropriate behavior, theatrics, gestures, conduct or physical actions, including interactions with tournament personnel, will be subject to penalties. It also states that any misuse of Harrah's property, like tables and chairs, will warrant disciplinary action. In other words, no more celebration dances and inzone football spikes.

In terms of fairness, a new Rule (#44), gives floor people the power to overrule technical rules so long as they are in the interest of fairness. And you can bet that "fairness" is now a matter of many factors, including the aforementioned restraint on electronic devices.

Other rules include a supposition that disqualified players will have their chips removed from play and will not be given a refund. Self forfeitures will neither be given refunds, and chips will be blinded off accordingly. The most technical rule revision of all gives a little more power back to players. Instead of requiring players to expose both hole cards if asked to do so by another player at the end of a hand, players are now only required to exposed one hole card at the end of play.

Other than that, World Series of Poker rules remain the same. Action at the tables is expected to be more competitive than ever this year, with a record breaking jackpot on the horizon. Online satellite tournaments are now taking place at many of the internet's top poker rooms. Most rooms even have their very own WSOP satellite schedules, thus proving just how popular this premiere poker event has become.



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