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Online Casino News - March, 2008

Online Blackjack Bonus at Rushmore Worth up to $1,000 Free



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by Devon Chappell, News Staff Writer

March 28, 2008

If you haven't heard by now, Rushmore Casino is a standout place to wager real money on the internet. One of the most promoted online casino amongst top gaming affiliates, Rushmore has come a long way in the few short years they have been in operation. It's the management team behind Rushmore, however, that has wielded their many years of experience in the field to help make Rushmore more of a household name.

As if Rushmore Casino wasn't in the news enough, some more favorable reviews recently surfaced regarding Rushmore's Craps and Keno games, as well as their long running Blackjack bonus. It may sound like a shocker if you are relatively new to the online gambling world, but it's indeed true that Blackjack bonuses do indeed exist.

The full truth of the matter is that most online casinos want to maximize their return as much as possible, or at least safeguard on potential losses from handing out too much free cash. And in order to do so, online casinos almost always limit strategic games from meeting the bonus play-through. In fact, most of the bonuses are for slots only, which we all know offers one of the highest casinos edge.

As for Rushmore Casino, they do indeed offer a slots-only bonus. However, they also offer a casino games bonus and a very generous blackjack bonus. And when I say generous, I mean generous. This particular free cash casino bonus is worth 200% up to $1,000 Free. Do the math and you'll figure a deposit of $500 will give you $1,500 in your bankroll. And if you're playing with smaller stakes, which is fine because Rushmore accepts bets for as little as $1 at their blackjack tables, it only takes a minimum deposit of $20 to get started playing with $60 in your account.

You are probably wondering what's the catch, right? Well, besides having to meet the 45x play-through (which all online casinos require in order to cash out bonus winnings), there really is no catch. You are playing at a Malta regulated casino with odds that are as good as Vegas, and a software platforms that has been deemed inherently fair by Technical Systems Testing. Believe me, nobody's getting cheated at Rushmore Casino.

The only real catch is - like I said before - Rushmore's management team has been in the gambling business for several years. This experience has afforded them the first-hand knowledge that most gamblers play without much sense. Don't be offended. The fact of the matter is that most blackjack players don't play with perfect strategy. Or if they do, they give up after hitting a losing streak and don't stick around long enough to turn things around. Furthermore, many gamblers don't play with large enough bankrolls to get them through the down times, which is yet another reason why Rushmore Online Casinos free cash blackjack bonus is the best on the internet.

Another reason why Rushmore is dishing out such large bonuses is because they are still a relatively new online casino and are doing everything in their power to attract a large player base they can count on. And once they do, I guarantee these large bonuses will be no more. Oh, did I mention there's a 400% Slots bonus up to $2,000 Free, a 100% Welcome Bonus up to $888 Free and Weekend bonus of 100% up to $1,000 Free and 150% up to $750 Free offered to all players?

At Online Casino Suite, it's rare that we say anything is the "best". Sure, we certainly weed out the better online casinos from the rest of the pack, but when it comes to giving an adamant recommendation, we generally shy away from doing so. Rushmore Casino's Blackjack Bonus, however, undoubtedly deserves this kind of recommendation. Okay, here it is on record: Rushmore Online Casino offers the best blackjack bonus on the internet. Get yours before they decide to stop offering it.

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