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Online Casino News - March, 2008

Former Lawyer Files $20 Million Gambling Addiction Lawsuit



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by Edward Rogers, News Staff Writer

March 9, 2008

You may have already heard about Arelia Taveras. If not, you're probably going to be hearing more about her. The former high-profile lawyer from New York, who incurred more than $1 million in gambling debts with money stolen from her clients is now trying to sue the casinos that were scene to her all-night gambling marathons for a whopping $20 million.

No doubt asking way more so as to get a negotiated settlement (or not!), Taveras is likely to get nothing at all. The lawsuit was only recently filed - so amidst all the shaking heads and sighs of disbelief, we'll just have to wait and see if a judge will be so open-minded as to actually award a settlement.

Taveras' claim is that the casinos did not act responsibly in keeping here away from their gambling floor as she continued to rack up an ever-growing surplus of debt at the blackjack tables apparently. Some of these gambling sessions were said to last through the night. In other words, Taveras thinks the casino should have protected her from herself - especially when she considered suicide.

It is indeed an obligation for casinos to act responsibly in the interest of their visitors. Therefore, there is some substantiality to Taveras claim in this regard. However, considering the fact that Taveras was gambling with stolen money, any substantiality to the lawsuit is thrown out the window if you ask me.

It goes to show just how dangerous gambling can be to an addictive personality. And it also goes to show why it's vitally important to regulate online gambling in the U.S., rather than attempting to banish it. Not only would regulation require online casinos to operate fairly and responsibly, the act of doing so would be much more effective than tracking gamblers who frequent land-based casinos. Contrary to what certain ill-informed politicians (politicians with ulterior motives believe mind you), think about online casino gambling, the technology of the internet affords a more effective way at preventing underage and problem gambling.



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