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Online Casino News - March, 2008

$21,000 Online Quiz Contest Sponsored by Wild Jack Casino



 Seed Newsvine

by Mira Patel, News Staff Writer

March 22, 2008

The Jackpot Factory's famed mobile online casino and blackjack lover's haven, Wild Jack Casino, has announced a new promotion/sweepstakes that will award one lucky person with $21,000. Being billed as "Number 1 in 21", the new promotion is very unique as far as online casino sweepstakes goes. In fact, Wild Jack is only sponsoring the stand-alone contest. It's a great marriage, however, considering Wild Jack's focus on the game of blackjack.

Being both a quiz and free draw, "Number 1 in 21" will put each participants knowledge, intellect and penchant for luck to the test. The way it works is that contestants will be given 7 different questions to answer, ranging in topic from pop culture to American history (and, of course, blackjack and the upcoming film, "21"). Whosever answers all the questions correctly will then receive a free entry into jackpot draw. Answer 7 easy questions and receive entry into the $7,000 draw. Answer 7 medium questions correctly and receive entry into the $14,000 draw. Answer 7 difficult questions correctly and receive entry in the top prize draw of $21,000.

Since the contest has the prerequisite of answering all the questions to obtain an entry, the overall odds of winning will be better than a stand-alone, unlimited entry sweepstakes. But with a little resourcefulness, finding the answers to the questions will not be that difficult according to the Jackpot Factory's David Brickman, who said himself in a press release that all the answers to the questions can be readily found doing a simple online search. In other words, it's like an open-book test. Could it get any easier than that?

The contest is slated to run for the next three months and is open to anyone over the age of the 21. Not exactly sure if and where Wild Jack will offers a link to participate in the contest. However, the hub of the contest itself, www.number1in21.com is where anyone can enter. As for Wild Jack Casino, they most certainly welcome any new players, as do all of Jackpot Factory's eCOGRA approved online casinos, including All Slots and All Jackpots Casino (both of which have been reviewed at Online Casino Suite).



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