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Online Casino News - June, 2009

Live Dealer Roulette and Blackjack at Will Hill Online Casino


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by Devon Chappell, News Staff Writer

June 16, 2009

The closest thing to regular brick 'n mortar casino gambling that the internet betting industry has to offer is called "live dealer" online gambling. Pretty much a self-explanatory term, live dealer online casinos simply offer a live video feed of real dealers spinning the roulette wheel and calling out Blackjack. It's a great alternative form of traditional online casino gambling for anyone who prefers more of a human touch in their betting activities. And for that matter, it's also a great solution to the eternal skeptic who doesn't trust online casino software.

There are not a great many live dealer roulette casinos available today - but of those that are, some just so happen to be top-rated internet gambling establishments. One such site is William Hill Casino Club, which has undergone some major changes recently, to say the least. Will Hill, which has been a longtime favorite with UK online gamblers - especially sports bettors - recently underwent a major website overhaul that included a transition to Playtech Software, whose live live dealer roulette games are highly rated.

In fact, Playtech is of one of the few premiere online casino software developers offering its licensees live dealer roulette and blackjack solutions. Seeking to stand out from the rest of the pack, William Hill Casino Club took Playtech up on that offer and is now promoting live dealer Roulette and live dealer Blackjack via its website, WilliamHillCasino.com.

To participate in either live dealer roulette or blackjack wagering, players need not worry about owning a Web cam. Since it is not necessary that the dealer see the player, per say, the only web cam needed is the one used in Will Hill's live dealer casino production studios.

Software features allow players can go into full screen mode to see the complete roulette wheel and table layout, and can also chat live with the dealer, who is also connected through the software platform to see live betting inputs made by the player. After the Blackjack hand is dealt or roulette ball comes to a rest and winnings/losses are determined, the player's online account is updated accordingly.

Of course, you must first open an account with Will Hill Casino Club first and make a real money deposit via credit/debit card, bank transfer or any one of their many third party eWallets solutions. On that note, players from the U.S. are not permitted to deposit with Will Hill. For more information, please read the William Hill Casino Club Review by OCS.



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