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Online Casino News - June, 2008

Negreanu's Poker Book "Power Hold'em Strategy" Available



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by Mira Patel, News Staff Writer

June 17, 2008

Let's face it. There are plenty of poker books to choose from these days. In fact, you will find more poker books than any other kind of book in the "games" section at your local Barnes and Noble. So now that Daniel Negreanu has come out with a poker book of his own, it begs the question, do we really need another one?

Well, if you ask Avery Cardoza from the US-based gambling book publisher, Cadoza Books, Negreanu's book is one of the three most influential books on Texas Hold'em strategy ever written. Albeit Cardoza may rightfully be biased in these statements, nobody can deny that Daniel Negreanu is a fine poker professional - and a talkative one at that.

Negreanu's book is called "Power Hold'em Strategy", and is a solid 504 pages long. Negreanu himself said it could have very well turned into a "1,000 page monster". The book, however, is packed with poker hand examples dictating strategy for high-limit cash games, short-handed and heads-up play, and beginner strategy for neutralizing professionals like Negreanu himself. Whether you're an online grinder, a low-limit tournament specialist or an aspiring pro looking to take your game to the next level, Negreanu promises this book will "immensely" improve your game.

"Power Hold'em Strategy" also shares insight from some of the top pros on the circuit, including Evelyn Ng, Todd Brunson, Erick Lindgren and David Williams, who are all apparently a little rat pack of sorts these days. The creme de la creme, however, is Negreanu's Small Ball Strategy, which is essentially a strategy on how to exploit small ball players at the Hold'em poker table.

The book is now available for purchase and can be ordered online at many a book retailer, as well as Cardoza Books website and Daniel Negreanu's homepage at Full Contact Poker. It sells for $34.95.



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