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Online Casino News - July, 2009

Rival Gaming's Best Slots Payouts at Superior Casino


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by Mira Patel, News Staff Writer

July 23, 2009

Rival Gaming Software was responsible for helping dish out the most recent noteworthy jackpot win, which happened to be in the amount of $39,000. Ironically, it wasn't hit on the iSlots, but instead, was dished out by the One Million Reels B.C. traditional 3-reel slot machine. It goes to show that you never know which slot machine is going to hit next. You simply have to be an active player and to click that mouse at the exact milli-second when the software RNG is ready to spit out the winning symbol combination. Of course, the more you wager, the larger the payout - especially when it's a progressive jackpot.

Payout percentages, however, can be a helpful indicator as to when a slot might hit. Superior Casino, which is consistently rated as the top Rival Gaming Casino right now, recently reported that several slots are paying out over 100%. This is common near the start of each month, but to be this high three weeks into July is impressive.

Most slots start to stabilize around the 96% mark by this time of the month. However, Superior Casino is reporting that the new I-Slot, Psychedelic Sixties, is currently over 100%, while Western Wilderness was at 100.56%, Reel Party at 100.46%, Surf Paradise at 100.93%, 5 Reels Circus at 103.4% and both Flea Market and Sudoku Box Game at an amazing 109% payout. This has added up to over sixty players being paid out thousands in winnings over the last two weeks.

The truth of the matter is that multi-thousand dollar jackpot wins take place quite often at online casinos. While this never gets old for players on the receiving end, the constant stream of news articles and press releases announcing the latest wins can sometimes come across as anti-climactic. The casino networks responsible for producing consistent larger-than-average wins know this all too well, and as a result, often end up creating "Recent Winners" pages to keep up with all the payouts.

One network of online casinos in which this transition is noticeably taking place is Rival Gaming Software's network of 20+ online casinos, all of which are open to players in the U.S., and are fully compatible with Mac computers. Perhaps this is precisely why Rival Gaming casinos have been doing very well as of late. Keeping their doors open to more players, while providing one of the most innovative betting experiences online, simply must add up to something.

In terms of money, just take a look at their progressive jackpot network. As for innovation, open a free account at any Rival powered online casinos, and be sure to give the iSlots a spin. You will experience online gambling entertainment like no other. Sure, there are other top-tier casino software platforms providing an outstanding experience of their own - like Microgaming and Playtech. Rival, however, offers a very unique look to their games. As for the iSlots, there simply is no other slot machine that compares. And as for playability, need I mention again that Rival casinos are open to US players?

If you're interested in opening a free account at Superior Casino, Click Here and you will be eligible to receive a free $20 no-deposit bonus. For more information, please read the OCS Superior Casino Review.



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