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Online Casino News - July, 2009

Cryptologic to Supply Casino Slots for UK Bookie ToteSport


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by Devon Chappell, News Staff Writer

July 27, 2009

Top shelf online casino software developer, Cryptologic, has just announced a major deal with one of the UK's largest and most prolific bookmaker's, ToteSport. As part of a new strategy that Cryptologic has been taking with other high profile betting companies currently licensed with other software platforms, Cryptologic will be supplying ToteSport with what no other online casino software developer can - exclusive slot machine titles.

A supplementation to ToteSport's current online casino, if you will, Cryptologic will be licensing six of their most popular online slots - branded and unbranded titles - to ToteSport as part of a multi-year agreement. While the specific titles have not yet been disclosed, it is a sure bet they will include some of slots from Cryptologic's wildly successful Marvel Superhero Comic series. Another probability are the Warner Brothers DC Comic slots, which Cryptologic secured an exclusive agreement to brand into slots this last March.

The casino games should be integrated with Tote's online casino by the third quarter of this year. With over 100 online casino games already available for download (on the Playtech platform), the ToteSport online casino will be getting a nice addition to an already stellar platform. A Flash casino is also available with half as many games. Whether or not Cryptologic's slots will be available on the Flash platform remains to be seen. If tied into a progressive jackpot network, there is a good chance they will only be available for download.

What is most interesting about this setup is the fact that Playtech recently procured an agreement with Marvel Comics to brand their own version of some of the same slot titles currently held by Cryptologic. Sure to draw a "hmm?" from Playtech, Cryptologic has continued to prove they still have what it takes to remain one of the top software developers today. With twenty-three licensees, including the "big four" online casino operators, there is no denying that Cryptologic will continue to lead the way in online gambling technology and innovation.

For more information, please see our review of Cryptologic Casino Software.



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