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Online Casino News - July, 2008

Tokwiro Enterprises Investigates Online Poker Cheating Scandal



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by Elizabeth Nguyen, News Staff Writer

July 27, 2008

The company that owns Ultimate Bet (as well as Absolute Poker), Tokwiro Enterprises, has made a statement regarding their investigation of a cheating scandal that took place a few months back via the back end. While claiming to rectify the matter, recompensing players and enacting measures to keep such a scandal from happening again, Ultimate Bet has still refrained from naming the guilty party's.

For anybody unfamiliar with this story, a handful of discerning players started taking note of some uncanny poker playing, and with no help from Ultimate Bet, began investigating the matter on their own. After enough prying and evidence, Ultimate Bet confessed that several user accounts had been created to access the software platform for viewing other players cards.

What makes the entire situation even more slimy is the fact that Tokwiro Enterprises also manages Absolute Poker, which had a cheating scandal of their own not too long back. The company's owner, Joe Norton, who happens to be the former Grand Chief of the Kahnawake Indian tribe (yep, the same tribe that operates the Kahnawake Gaming Commission), has indeed made it clear that management is "outraged" about this scandal, namely because the illicit software used to facilitate the cheating was placed on the Ultimate Bet software platform servers prior to Tokwiro acquiring the site from its former owners.

So while Tokwiro is attempting to put the blame elsewhere and is not taking responsibility for the fact that they were not adequately monitoring player accounts, nobody goes to jail and everything is honky dory once again. Just like in the Absolute Poker scandal, the people responsible for opening the fake user accounts (19 total, with 88 associated usernames), have not been named.

Most players wouldn't go so far to say that Tokwiro Enterprises is a crooked establishment promulgating the use of cheating software. Nor would they rule the possibility completely out. Until Tokwiro or the Kahnawake Gaming Commission (who is reportedly carrying out an independent probe) starts naming some names and being more transparent about the entire matter, I believe many online gamblers are going to stay clear from Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker.



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