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Online Casino News - January, 2009

Wager Works to Showcase New Online Slots at ICE


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by Devon Chappell, News Staff Writer

January 5, 2009

January is here and a new year has come around - and you know what that means. January is the month in which the online gambling community kicks off its most impressive gaming expo and conference - ICE. Held in conjunction with the International Gaming Expo, the International Casino Conference incorporates ICE and ICEi (the online division) into a single event that makes for the largest and thriving conferences all year long.

Lots of well known faces and names will be in attendance at this year's event, which is scheduled for January 26 at Earl's Court, London (organized by Clarion Gaming and the European Casino Association. Included in the lineup of online casino operators, affiliate network partners and software developers who always make up the majority of expo exhibitors, is the IGT subsidiary, Wager Works.

Recently announcing their intentions for ICE(i), Wager Works is poised to make some new friends and grab the attention of the gaming community. Included in their presentation will be two new online versions of household casino slot games - "Dungeons and Dragons: Fortress of Fortune" and "Battleship: Search and Destroy". Known for bringing some of the most popular casino slots that ever existed to the internet (thanks to IGT), such as Monopoly, the Price is Right and Baywatch, Wager Works has successfully managed to keep themselves at the forefront of new online gaming software innovations.

It's conferences like ICE(i) which give companies like Wager Works a platform to launch new products like their new lineup of branded online casino slots. In fact, Wager Works General Manager, Oliver Lofthouse, says this will be the continued focus of the company for the year ahead. In other words, Wager Works' recipe for success will be to continue combining top brands with cutting edge online gaming applications.

A good example of these "applications" can be had at Virgin Casino, which is one of Wager Works top performing online casino licensees. Open to the European and UK gaming community, Virgin Casino is a stellar example of great gaming host period. See our Wager Works Casinos page for more details.



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