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Online Casino News - January, 2009

Casino Affiliate Programs Announces 2008 Awards


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by Devon Chappell, News Staff Writer

January 30, 2009

Although it didn't seem like Casino Affiliate Program's CAP Euro London 2009 networking event would ever come to a close (judging by the enthusiastic late night parties), we all know that every good thing doesn't last forever and must eventually come to an end. In actuality, CAP London is still wrapping things up (It officially comes to a close today). The event was a major success as usual, and according to early reports from those in attendance, the networking parties were the most memorable (once again, as usual).


Opening night on the 28th served as a stage for the 2008 CAP Awards, which have become a major black tie event for the online gaming community at large. This year's awards ceremony took place at probably the most ideal location possible - The Brewery in London. Not only do they serve some great beer, The Brewery was recently named "Best Venue" of 2008 by Event Magazine. Accommodating to large crowds, the setting was ideal for the large numbers of industry professionals who attended the ceremony.


Awards categories included "Best Casino/Poker/Bingo/Sportsbook/Skill Gaming Affiliate Programs", "Best Casino/Poker/Bingo Software", "Best Casino/Poker/Bingo/Sportsbook/Skill Gaming Affiliate Manager", "Best Affiliate", "Best Affiliate Network" and "Best Affiliate Payment System". As for the winners, these included Microgaming for "Best Casino Software", Playtech for "Best Bingo Software", PokerStars for "Best Poker Software" (all of whom we are proud to say are favorably listed and reviewed here at Online Casino Suite).


What gives these awards even more weight is the fact that they are democratically chosen by the affiliate gaming community, unlike some other industry awards divvied out from behind closed doors and thereby inviting the possibility of bias. However, CAP's President and Founder, Lou Fabiano, was quick to point out that while each award winner is truly deserving of their accolade, he wanted to give credit to the "stellar community" of 8,000+ CAP affiliates that help make online gambling a  professional and respected industry and pastime.



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