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Online Casino News - January, 2008

Virgin Online Casino Spins Jackpot Surplus

by Elizabeth Nguyen, News Staff Writer

January 9, 2007

Virgin Casino has taken some criticism for their decision to turn a surplus progressive jackpot into a marketing tactic of sorts. The popular online casino certainly hasn't fallen short of its good reputation; However, the manner in which they have decided to give money back to their players has a slight spin to it, which some players are slightly peeved about.

If you may recall, Virgin Gaming decided to end their wide-spread progressive jackpot network on November 6, 2007 and strictly offer mega jackpots on the IGT favorites, Cluedo and Wheel of Fortune (which offer the largest reset jackpot value online at 1.5 million). The only thing is that when they did so, there was still 55 000 accumulated in the overall progressive jackpot. And while Virgin Casino is doing nothing to avoid paying this money back to the players, which any other casino could have very well done, they have put a spin on it to get players to drum up some more traffic.

According to a promotional release, Virgin says that anybody who was a real money player at the online casino before November 6, 2007 is rightfully eligible to receive a cut of the 55 000 surplus, which will be awarded at a rate of 11 000 per day for five days in January (the 6th through the 10th). However, in order for these players to have a stab at the winnings, they must also bet some more cash (at least one hand) between January 6-10, 2008.

Critics of the scheme say it is flawed for two reasons. For one, tempting players to place additional bets to have a chance at winning a portion of the jackpot they helped to build could be interpreted as entrapping. Secondly, players who didn't contribute to the progressive jackpot are entitled to the surplus as well. In other words, Virgin Casino is saying that any real money player during the aforementioned dates has a fair chance at winning some of the jackpot.

However, to be fair to Virgin, divulging this money out to all players who contributed to the jackpot would be nigh impossible. We should all know that when you gamble online, you put your money at risk - especially when it's a progressive jackpot. The fact that Virgin is being forthcoming about the surplus and giving it back to players says something about this top-tier UK casino.



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