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Online Casino News - February, 2009

First 3D Online Casino Seeks Xbox and PSP


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by Margaret Oliveira, News Staff Writer

February 26, 2009

This day and age, nothing spreads faster than over the internet. In terms of online gambling, when a casino launches a new game, it instantly becomes accessible to every player who is and will ever frequent that online casino. Therefore, the more popular the gaming software platform, or better yet, the casino itself, the more popular a newly launched game will become.

For those operators who are new to the online gambling industry, it often takes a more creative way to get the word of mouth adequately spread for driving traffic. For instance, Barriere Interactive Gaming, which is in the process of developing their first Next Gen online casino, has taken a new road, albeit unpredictable and uncertain. Their quest for success is an attempt to bring online gambling to the Xbox.

According to Barriere Interactive's Jonathan Stock, the company is in the final development stages of a 3D gaming product that will not only be a one-of-a-kind online casino, but will also have the ability to link up with Sony Play Stations and the Xbox. And it doesn't end there. In actuality, Berriere Interactive is the subsidiary of French hotels and casino group, Lucien Barriere - who is no stranger to casino gaming.

What brings Barriere to the online sector, says Stock, is a bid to regain business lost from "illicit" online gambling sites. In other words, Barriere has lost a considerable amount of business to online gambling sites catering to French residents. And since the French government has done nothing, in effect, to regulate online gambling and give French brick 'n mortar businesses a chance to compete (other than their very own State-run gambling monopoly), Barrier is taking their own steps to compete.

Set to launch in March, 2009, Barriere's LeCroupier.com casino, which was modeled off of Barrier's brick 'n mortar casino in Deauville, France, is being billed as "the world's first truly 3D casino". And judging by their website, it does indeed appear certain the casino will launch as expected. A video trailer, high resolution screen shots and free wallpaper downloads give a taste of just how exceptional the 3D graphics are. So much so, in fact, there is interest from one of the two main game console companies for making the online casino into a video game. Although Stock would not say which one (PSP or Xbox), he did say it has been the company's intent from the beginning to expand their gaming product beyond the internet.



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