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Online Casino News - December, 2008

CAP Working Deal With Grand Prive Casinos



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by Edward Rogers, News Staff Writer

December 31, 2008

Long after the passing of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, the Grand Prive network of online casinos stayed in the U.S. market. Although there was always the possibility the popular Microgaming powered network could drop out of the U.S. sector at any time, when the time actually came for them to do so, it was still somewhat of a shocker nonetheless.

However, what was even more of a shocker was Grand Prive's decision to allow their current U.S. players to keep gambling but to banish the affiliates who brought these players to Grand Prive in the first place. For anyone not familiar with an affiliate marketing relationship, it's akin to you telling your friends to join up at your favorite online casino and being promised a friend referral bonus. But in the end, the online casino takes your friends money but doesn't give you your promised bonus.

Thanks to casino affiliate communities like Casino Affiliate Programs (CAP), however, Grand Prive found themselves between a rock and a hard place.  Immediately after Grand Prive announced their intentions, affiliates struck back with a vengeance, lighting up the forum boards and directly letting Grand Prive know how unacceptable this maneuver was. The President of CAP, Lou Fabiano, thereafter stepped in and began discussions with Grand Prive management, whose affiliate program is listed on the CAP website.

The latest word on the matter, according to Fabiano, is that the most recent teleconference with the owners of Grand Prive was productive and showed signs that some headway would be made on the issue. Grand Prive asked Fabiano to directly inform all affiliates that Casino Affiliate Programs will be the lone point of contact for resolving the matter. All affiliates are asked to direct all concerns to CAP, who will be meeting with Grand Prive management at the Casino Affiliate Programs Euro conference in London late January, 2009. It is expected that a resolution will be finalized during these talks.

Until then, all discussions regarding terms of any agreement will remain private. Affiliates should rest assured, however, that with Lou Fabiano on their side, an amicable deal is in the making. CAP has long been the online gambling industry's leader in affiliate resources and networking tools, and has long been respected for it's commitment to ensuring affiliates get their fair share.



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