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Online Casino News - December, 2008

Online Rummy Games Available for Facebook Users



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by Elizabeth Nguyen, News Staff Writer

December 29, 2008

Much like bingo did in the wake of online poker and popular casino games, the skill-based card game of Rummy is growing more popular day by day. The chief reason for this is the continued expansion of online rummy operations, most notably in the U.S. market, where the game has hitherto only enjoyed moderate success.

But thanks to big names like RummyRoyal.com, gamers can now get the same types of playing incentives - i.e., large free cash welcome bonuses - not to mention non-stop tournament action that you would normally find at online casinos and poker rooms. RMRoyal Media, which is the parent company of RummyRoyal.com, is helping to expand the industry even more with the recent launching of RummyRoyal.net.

Completely autonomous from it's .com namesake, RummyRoyal.net is essentially a "play-for-fun" platform designed to spark the interest of players and give them a chance to learn rummy and enjoy live action tournament play without putting any money on the line. Specifically, RummyRoyal.net will be primarily catered to Facebook users. In fact, players will be able to connect to the interface through a Facebook application, for the software was designed as a Flash platform. Yes -that means no downloads necessary.

A company spokesperson for RMRoyal Media said that user communities like Facebook is key to getting word-of-mouth about online rummy and awareness of sites like RummyRoyal.net and RummyRoyal.com. By the end of the first quarter in the new year '09, the company plans to get RummyRoyal linked up to the MySpace and Bebo platforms as well.

Anyone who knows marketing, knows that the ultimate goal is to get the .net players to cross over to the .com platform and start playing with real money. That's what Party Poker did with their .net and .com sites - And it certainly makes sense to do so. Please read Online Casino Suite's Rummy Royal Review for more information.



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