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Online Casino News - December, 2008

Craps for Cash is a Hit for Grand Victoria Casino



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by Devon Chappell, News Staff Writer

December 22, 2008

One of the hottest craps games right now is none other than the "Craps for Cash" tables at the Chicago-area Grand Victoria Casino. Catching news headlines recently, the game was started little over five years ago, and has since become one of the hottest table games on the casino floor of the Grand Victoria.

What makes this craps game different from the normal fare is simply an extra bonus incentive. Using all the same rules and wagers a regular game of craps would impose on the floor of a Las Vegas casino (or online casino for that matter), "Cash for Craps" pays out a $4,000 bonus for any shooter who rolls all six points before sevening out. It's a difficult thing to do; but over 440 players have done so since August of 2003, raking in some $1,768,000 in bonus money.

Churning out an average of 7 bonus winners per month, "Craps for Cash" could arguably be considered the best perk offered at a casino table game, since....well....never! Even the Wizard of Odds himself, Michael Shakleford, said the shooter has an advantage (with some conditions of course). According to Shackleford's calculations, the probability of hitting all six points on the same come-out roll is 1 in 6,156, which translates into approximately $0.65. ($4,000 divided by 6,156). This in turn, means that if the shooter sticks to the odds (backing the odds) and bets no more than $45 on the pass line, they will have an advantage.

Considering how advantageous craps can be already - potentially offering one of the lowest Casino Edges on the floor - "Craps for Cash" seems like a craps-player's dream. Even if one falls just short of knocking out all six point number, even getting close to doing so will produce some hefty winnings. Craps players agree that this promotion, which seems more like a mainstay at this point, is definitely worth giving a run for your money.



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