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Goodlatte Gets Criticized for Online Gambling Carveouts

by Devon Chappell, News Staff Writer

December 02, 2007

Online gambling portal and news site, Gambling Web, recently published an article on the Congressman primarily behind the passing of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act - Bob Goodlatte. The article brought down a rain of criticism on not only the UIGEA, but on Goodlatte himself, who has close ties with the Republican right wing...oh and did I mention the horseracing industry, for which the UIGEA gives carveouts?

Goodlatte recently testified at a House Judiciary Committee assembled by Congressman John Conyers, who has apparently become an ally of online gambling regulation, along with several other members of Congress like Congressman Barney Frank. Perhaps overcompensating for the ineffectiveness of his bill, Goodlatte insisted that criminal prosecutions needed to be enforced in order to put an end to online casino transactions.

A growing swarm of politicians are beginning to think otherwise. The only reason the UIGEA was passed into law in the first place was because of its eleventh-hour attachment to a Port Security bill, not to mention a general lack of awareness about the effectiveness and technologies of online gambling regulation.

And now that the real truth about Goodlatte's motivations is coming into light, the credibility of the UIGEA is beginning to be viewed as an ill-begotten piece of legislation. Goodlatte has always put "family values" first on his agenda, referring to online gambling as an evil that is corrupting youth, creating addictions and funding terrorism. However, Goodlatte has not given an explanation as to why he has accepted $40,000 in campaign funds from the horseracing industry, and why the UIGEA happens to give carveouts for online horserace betting.



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