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Online Casino Blackjack Now Playable on iPhone

by Mira Patel, News Staff Writer

December 21, 2007

UK mobile technology company, Probability plc, has unveiled a casino style online blackjack game that can be played with the Apple iPhone. A technological feat to say the least, iPhone Blackjack is played like any other Flash online casino, yet is based on the applications of the iPhone. Opening doors in the mobile online gambling sector, Probability now has over 200,000 subscribers using various UK mobile networks to access online casino games from their mobile phones.

It's just like using the iPhone for any other application. A touch-driven interface allows players to tap the screen for game applications including the ability to zoom in on cards. In other words, tapping virtual buttons on the iPhone screen is the method of interaction. And as far as graphics go, they are as sharp and innovative as Apple's very own application graphics. A demonstration video is currently available on YouTube, which offers a taste of the game innovations and betting applications.

iPhone Blackjack is played according to Las Vegas rules, and therefore gives bettors the opportunity to double down, take insurance (not that you should) and split hands. Being that Probability's game servers are hosted in Alderney, games are strictly regulated according to UK online gambling laws, and deliver some of the best odds on the Web. Throw in some Basic Blackjack Strategy by the numbers, and you have an opportunity to not only play online blackjack with an iPhone, but to win money doing so as well.

Billed as iPhone Blackjack, Probability's online casino mobile game is the first real money gambling game to give such intimate access via the iPhone. Probability CEO, Charles Cohen, referred to the new application as a "world first" and said he expects all mobile phones to adopt the same technological innovations in the future. iPhone user's will be able to access the casino style online blackjack either through the iPhones WiFi or mobile internet connections.



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