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Player Hits it Lucky at Intercasino Online Roulette

by Elizabeth Nguyen, News Staff Writer

December 23, 2007

Have you ever thought it strange that roulette, being the meager-odds casino game that it is, has such a dedicated following? Well, if you heard the recent news out of Intercasino, you might just think twice about this phenomenon. According to a recent press release from this longstanding online casino, a 70-year old man East Sussex, England piled up over GBP 360,000 playing online roulette in the course of ten days.

It's no mystery that many gamblers use different betting systems and formula's when sitting at the roulette table. However, to some folks, the only mystery is why people fall for these strategies in the first place. Well, if you take a look at this aforementioned example, the reason why so many people try to beat the roulette wheel becomes clear. Sure, there are certain bets to avoid and ways to responsibly manage money that helps players hold out longer while playing roulette. Ultimately, however, it is the factor of luck that prevails when walking away from the roulette table with big bucks.

Intercasinos press release did not offer any more details on the winning streak, other than the name of the player (Leslie Perrott), and that he was a grandfather and "silver fox hero" for all elderly online casino gamblers. It also quoted Perrott saying that he did indeed use a specific formula for playing roulette, although he would not say what it was. As far as anyone is concerned, Perrott could have made a few high-risk, high-stakes wagers and gotten lucky. Also, Perrott most likely had a very healthy bankroll to start with, and probably endured a losing streak or two, only to finally come out on top by either hitting a winning streak or making the aforementioned bets.

Either way, online roulette is still a very entertaining game to play. It has a rich history and you can count it to allways be offered at online casinos like Intercasino, which happens to be one of the Web's first legitimate betting sites. Intercasino is powered by Cryptologic and has an impressive member base. At one point open to U.S. players, Intercasino has managed to still pride itself as one of the most popular online casinos today.



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