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Online Casino News - August, 2009

Online Gambling Regulation on Fast Track in Argentina


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by Elizabeth Nguyen, News Staff Writer

August 26, 2009

Whenever any government decides to regulate online gambling, it is good news for the industry as a whole. Whether it be the UK, Italy, or in this case, Argentina, one more force behind regulation is a testament to the feasibility and credibility of governmental regulation. It's another witness, if you will, who can stand up on the mountainside and proclaim that online gambling can and should be regulated, rather than prohibited, which in effect, leaves minors and addicts more vulnerable to offshore operations.

Of course, opponents of legalizing internet betting, which range from land-based casinos, bookies and racetracks to the religious right convinced that gambling is evil and a mortal sin, will never be convinced why and wherefore online gambling should be regulated.

In the case of Argentina, motivation to regulate online gambling appears to be stemming from a desire to give citizens the means to wager on soccer matches, which the country was recently granted rights to televise. Although Argentina Presidential Cabinet Chief, Anibal Fernandez, said the government's decision to regulate stems from a need to curb "illicit" online casino gambling, the common rumor is that it is being justified as a means to fund televised soccer matches.

Fernandez would not say whether these rumors were false or true, only saying later this was another matter altogether. What he did say was that the government is working to get a bill passed into law within two of three months. When asked if he thought this was an unrealistic timeframe, considering the many potential roadblocks, Fernandez conceded it could take much longer to get online gambling regulation passed into law.

If and when it does happen, the world will be watching, especially lawmakers in the United States, where several bills are doing rounds in Congress to study online gambling and/or regulate different forms of internet wagering including online casino gambling and internet poker.



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