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Online Casino News - August, 2008

U.S. Online Gambling Visitors Increase for Month of July



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by Edward Rogers, News Staff Writer

August 16, 2008

If you thought the UIGEA was keeping U.S. citizens from gambling online, think again. As indicated by statistics gathered by com.Score Media Matrix, the number of unique U.S. visitors to online gambling sites was up in July, 2008 from the previous month. And not to be sarcastic or anything, but considering the resistance facing the UIGEA, not to mention it's obvious shortcomings, does anybody really believe the UIGEA could be an effective piece a legislation.

According to July's numbers, U.S. traffic at internet betting sites was up by 5% from June, which helped boost the online gambling sector into the Top 10 of fastest growing internet categories. The exact figures show that approximately 12,648,000 visits were had at betting sites. And although this data did not show whether these sites were U.S. facing or not, the fact remains that U.S. citizens continue to gamble online in large numbers.

If you were wondering what the top sector was in terms of gain, well, let's just say it wasn't porn. Surprisingly, amidst a struggling U.S. economy, it was the travel sector which saw the greatest gain at 10% (perhaps a reflection of more U.S. citizens looking for a change in environment or moving residences altogether). The next most popular categories were consumer goods, mall retail and movie related traffic, followed by online betting.

As for the dispelling of such traffic, it was Google who once again brought in the most clicks (141.6 million) through its search engine results, followed by Yahoo! at 140.3 million and MSN capturing 120.2 million visitors. Making jumps of their own in the search traffic sector was the Ask Network, who jumped from #9 to #7 with 58.6 million visitors, as well as CBS Corporation, who if you didn't hear already, acquired CNET Networks, thus giving approximately 30 million more visitors and giving them the #10 position.



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