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Online Casino News - August, 2008

The Poker Prince, Scotty Nguyen, Publicly Apologizes...Baby



  Seed Newsvine

by Margaret Oliveira, News Staff Writer

August 29, 2008

Although nobody likes to see a professional poker player making an ass of their self (cough, cough...Phil Hellmuth Jr.), it is good to see when a professional reaches for redemption by making a public apology for behaving like an ass. Surprisingly, this time around it wasn't Hellmuth doing the damage control. Even more surprising, it was none other than the "Prince of Poker" himself - Scotty Nguyen.

Following a raucous final table at the WSOP Chip Reese Memorial $50,000 HORSE tournament (not to mention the aftermath of criticism and disappointment to follow), during which Nguyen lost his composure with finalist Michael DeMichele and Erik Lindgren, and spouted off many a drunken curse, Nguyen typed up a rather lengthy apology and sent it on its way across the World Wide Web via his personal email account. In no time at all, the email had made its rounds across the internet, and online gaming news articles (like the very one you are reading at this moment) were quoting Nguyen's apology left and right.

Nguyen pleaded for his fans to understand that his is only human, and that everybody has "good, bad, sad and angry times". Although he wasn't searching to justify his actions, Nguyen did remind folks that the event had spanned five days, with the final table alone consuming fourteen hours of play time. He also noted that what fans saw on a condensed two-hour television airing, showed him in a more favorable light than what really went down (Do a search on You Tube if you want to see some clips).

I personally hope that Nguyen's lesson is a lesson for all. Nguyen poignantly attested his actions to a shortsightedness stemming from his disappointing loss at the 2007 WSOP main event. Placing too much importance on this year's event and too much pressure on himself, Nguyen got zoned out and forgot that he was being watched. When things didn't go his way, he let frustration and booze get the best of him.



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