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Online Casino News - August, 2008

Online Bingo Advertisement Gets Canned in the UK



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by Margaret Oliveira, News Staff Writer

August 22, 2008

When the UK Gambling Commission and Advertising Standards Authority said they would be strict about online casino advertising under the new 2005 UK Gambling Act regulations, they weren't kidding. And it's not just sportsbooks, poker rooms and online casinos they are watching over. Try one of the more popular forms of online gaming in the UK and catching on elsewhere in the world - online bingo.

In the same fashion as what happened to an Inter Casino advertisement (among a couple others), Wink Bingo's latest television ad has officially been given the "ringer" by Britain's Advertising Standards Authority. Apparently, the ad was a little too risqué for the ASA, who said that the ad could be interpreted as condoning online gambling while in the workplace.

The ad was of a maternity nurse celebrating and engrossed in her laptop, which showed a Wink online bingo jackpot win on the screen, while in the background a confused and distraught husband was seen holding a teddy and the legs of what is presumably his wife in full-fledged labor. A slogan then appears on the screen: "Find the appropriate moment".

Spacebar Media, who created the ad for Wink, said the intent of the ad was to distinguish Wink Bingo from other online bingo rooms by being a bit "sassy and irreverent" and in no ways was trying to encourage online gambling in the workplace. And while the ASA did attest that the intent of the commercial was to drum up some humor, as already mentioned, they felt the slogan could be interpreted wrongly. As a result, the ad has been banned.

On the other end of the spectrum, the ASA rejected a complaint brought upon another UK-facing online bingo room - Foxy Bingo. Liberal culture spokesman Don Foster MP stated that the use of the word "free" regarding a £10 bonus offer was misleading, and that in actuality, the bonus is not free but contingent upon depositing further funds.

Well, all of us in the online gambling industry, especially those of us who gamble at online casinos, know that nothing is ever really free in the gaming world, and that all bonuses are governed by certain terms and conditions. Even a no-deposit bonus still has a wager requirement before it can be cashed out. In essence, the extra money is indeed free, and that's how the ASA saw it - having rejected Foster's claim.



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