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Online Casino News - August, 2008

Mega Moolah Online Jackpot Now Tops Over $3.5 Million



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by Margaret Oliveira, News Staff Writer

August 2, 2008

One of Microgaming software's most popular online video slots and progressive jackpots, Mega Moolah, is about to strike again. Lurking about in the background like a hungry animal, or rather, a massive volcano ready to blow, Mega Moolah has caught the attention of the online gambling community at large, and is the object of concern on many player boards and gaming news sites and portals.

Now worth over $3.5 million, which is a notch up from the average jackpot win of $2.7 million, Mega Moolah could very well be home to the next online gambling millionaire. The only question is which Microgaming online casino will host the winning reel combo on this wildly popular wide area progressive jackpot game. And I suppose there's another question that remains to be unanswered: How large will Mega Moolah get?

Still a hop, skip and a jump away from the record $5,556,735 won last April, the current jackpot could become the next internet record if it holds out a little longer. There's something to be said for the exponential nature of increasingly large progressive jackpots - Not only do progressive jackpots pull in revenue from multiple online casinos at once, after reaching a newsworthy value, they tend to create buzz amongst players and pull in even more money. Therefore, it's highly probably that if Mega Moolah continues to hold out, the jackpot may pass up current record sum before you know it.

Microgaming has certainly been in the news this week. In addition to a new game release starting off the month of August, two other Microgaming progressive jackpots have accumulated sizable sums, including the progressive Roulette game (now worth nearly $900,000), the ever-so-popular Major Millions (now worth approximately $938,000) and King Cashalot (now worth well over one-half million).



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