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Online Casino News - April, 2009

Online Blackjack Tournaments Now at Rushmore Casino


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by Devon Chappell, News Staff Writer

April 20, 2009

Besides slots and poker, Blackjack is one of the most popular online casino games available today. Just like slots and poker, both of which make for strong tournament-style casino games, there's nothing quite like a good Blackjack tournament. However, unlike slots and poker, online blackjack tournaments are much harder to find.

This only makes sense, considering how low a House Edge the game of Blackjack affords players. There's no other game the online casino wants bettors to play more than slots (okay, other than keno), which explains the proliferation of slots tournaments on the internet. As for poker, there is no risk to the poker room. It's player against player, and the House simply takes its fee - the rake.

Using this latter approach (pitting player against player, rather than dealer against player), the popular U.S. facing online casino, Rushmore, has become the exception. Like I said, good Blackjack tournaments are probably the hardest type of tournament to find on the internet. However, at Rushmore, Blackjack tournaments - both single and multi-table - are available 24/7.

The single table tournaments are available in One-on-One (Mano a Mano) format or Sit'n Go, which requires a minimum of three players and no more than six. There is a ten round duration, and the top two finishers with the most chips walk away with winnings in their pocket. Naturally, during one-on-one play, the winner takes all. In multi-table games, the winnings and competition grow accordingly. Again, winning players from tables will advance into the next round, until the competition has boiled down into a single table.

What is especially great about the online blackjack tournaments at Rushmore Casino is that every tournament player earns loyalty comp points, as well as victory points, which can be used to buy chips into Rushmore's weekly Victory Point tournament, which gives away free cash to the top winners. To help get you started, Rushmore even offers a Blackjack-only "Doubledown" bonus worth 200% up to $1,000 free (45x play-through).

And if you don't want to put any money on the line - in same fashion as the top online poker sites - Rushmore hosts fun-money practice tournaments. And don't worry if you are still a little slow making strategic decisions and consulting your blackjack strategy chart - each player gets twenty seconds to make a decision on their hand.

To view current, monthly and yearly leaderboard stats, check out the Blackjack Tournaments page at Rushmore Casino. Prize details are listed next to each tournament listing, as well as start times, countdown time and number of players. You may also want to visit the OCS Blackjack page for details on upcoming multi-table blackjack tournaments at Rushmore. Read our Rushmore Casino review for more accreditations and more information on this top-rated online gambling site.



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