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Online Casino News - April, 2008

Two Royal Flushes Hit at Online Casino in Three Days Time



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by Devon Chappell, News Staff Writer

April 13, 2008

How does that saying go? Lightning doesn't strike twice in the same spot, or something? However it goes, perhaps it should be revised with an exception for online casinos? A gambler over at Golden Tiger Casino (part of the Casino Rewards group), apparently hit two Royal Flushes playing video poker within three days of one another. Considering the odds of hitting one Royal Flush are something like 1 in 400,000, I'd say that lightning struck twice at Golden Tiger.

There's no denying the fact that video poker is a casino game that allows for edge lowering strategy. So, while luck does indeed play a part in hitting the dream hand, if you don't play your cards right to begin with, well then, you certainly won't become a member of the King's Royal Court, so to speak.

In this particular case, the British player known only as "PS" (Believe me, you wouldn't want your full name mentioned in an online gambling press release either), was indeed using strategy in his game play. And for anybody still not won over in the whole luck/skill debate, "PS" also hit a Royal Flush in both March and February. No joke, this skillful player has bagged $400,000 (100,000 per hand) playing his online video poker hands with perfect strategy.

Another thing worth mentioning is that it doesn't hurt to play at an online casino with great payout percentages. And that's precisely what Casino Rewards' network of online casinos are known for. Captain Cooks Casino is probably Casino Rewards most popular online casino, having earned a reputation as a trustworthy and loose online casino with great customer service.

And when I say loose, I mean that Captain Cooks payouts are consistently in the upper nineties percentile. Add to this the fact that Captain Cooks is accredited by eCOGRA with their "Safe and Fair" seal of approval, and you can't ask for a better online gambling host.

Captain Cooks is a Microgaming casino.



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