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Online Casino News - April, 2008

UK Advertising Standards Authority Pulls Online Casino Ads



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by Edward Rogers, News Staff Writer

April 24, 2008

Just because an online casino is licensed in a UK whitelisted jurisdiction, does not necessarily mean the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) is going to allow them to advertise. As was recently demonstrated by the ASA's revocation of a Paddy Power and Inter Casino ad, there's no leeway when it comes to responsible advertising by online gambling companies in the U.K.

In the case of Paddy Power, which is an all-in-one internet betting site with an emphasis on sports betting, the ASA said their recent ad depicting a short man with a beautiful woman on each arm was irresponsible. Text for the ad read: "Who says you can't make money being short?" The interpretation by the ASA was that the ad suggested this man's self esteem was boosted by admiration for acquiring large sums of money, which was obviously suggested to come about from gambling.

Paddy Power defended the ad, referring to the term "being short" as a line of betting lingo that refers to one's financial spread while betting. Paddy Power also claimed they were catering to a specific niche in the gambling market. In other words, average-looking men who normally don't have the best luck with the ladies. At least that's how the ASA saw it and made Paddy Power pull the ad.

As for Inter Casino, their recent series of television advertisements were pulled because the ASA said the ads appealed to children, and in essence, were irresponsible and insensitive to the need of preventing underage online casino gambling. In a slapstick vein that Inter Casino has somewhat become known for, the banned ads showed four dwarfs dressed up as dice and playing cards. Obviously catering to the Jackass generation, the humor-invoking ads were likely to get the attention of a younger crowd as well.

Being one of the UK's most popular online casinos, Inter Casino should no doubt be held to the strictest scrutiny, and most people will agree the ASA was right to pull the ads and is doing an excellent job so far in keeping online casino operators in check with highs standards of gaming responsibility.



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