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Online Casino News - April, 2008

Casino Rewards Home to $5.5 Million Mega Moolah Jackpot



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by Edward Rogers, News Staff Writer

April 19, 2008

Quite possibly the most popular online progressive video slot at Microgaming online casinos, Mega Moolah, has dished out another big jackpot yet again. Although it wasn't the largest jackpot to be awarded to a single player to date, it was definitely one of the largest. And at $5,556,736 it definitely made another online gambler into a millionaire, albeit the identity of the player is still unknown.

What we do know is that the jackpot was hit at the Casino Rewards group's, Blackjack Ballroom, which is the sister site to Captain Cooks Casino and Casino Classic. And as far as identifying the lucky winner, I am referring to the username of the player. All of Casino Rewards online casinos, not to mention all of the best online casinos in operation today, respect the privacy of their players, and at most, will publish the username of the player (First name and last name initial) along with a picture if a large jackpot is hit.

Obviously, doing so is great publicity for the online casino in question. And considering this jackpot fell just short of the $5.9 million world record jackpot hit last year at Cryptoligic's top UK Casino, Inter Casino, you can be that Casino Rewards and Blackjack Ballroom will be doing some publicity of their own when the player is identified. In actuality, the casino assuredly knows who the winning player is. It's likely that arrangements are being made to have the player attend a marketing event and photo session as described above.

Both Casino Rewards and Mega Moolah have been catching plenty of headlines recently. This jackpot marks a string of big-money wins hit at Casino Rewards, including several large jackpots recently hit at Casino Classic.

As for Mega Moolah, it is fast becoming one of Microgaming's most popular games. Launched not too long ago, Mega Moolah paid out its first big jackpot in November of last year for 4.3 million Rands to a player in South Africa, which on a side note, is currently in the process of legalizing and regulating online gambling. Since that time, Mega Moolah has been drawing a steady a stream of players attracted to Mega Moolah's reasonable stakes, entertaining action, and of course, the large default progressive jackpot.



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