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No Deposit Bonus Worth $20 Free at Superior Casino Online


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by Devon Chappell, Online Gambling News Contributor

June 14, 2009

While it would simply be impractical to stretch out one's bankroll and make real money wagers at every online casino in business, it would be just as impractical to turn down a chance at doing so with free, no deposit bonus money. Indeed, there are a handful of online casinos willing to give away free money without a catch - and Superior Casino is one of the select few casinos currently offering a tried and true no deposit bonus for new players, including U.S. residents.

Worth $20 Free, this is definitely one of the best no deposit bonus offers available at any online casino. Generally, casinos give less than $10 away in free, no deposit bonus money just to try out their games. While $20 may not seem like a whole lot of money, considering it is entirely free and does not require a matching deposit, this is a generous offer which actually holds the potential of generating some cashable winnings.

Obviously, Superior Casino would be out of their mind to allow every player to take free bonus money and run. This is precisely why you often find no deposit casino bonuses covered with red tape. Many casinos will label their no deposit bonus as being "free", but in reality, only permitting the money to be used for software testing purposes. Superior Casino, on the contrary, allows players to cash the money out (as well as any derived winnings) once an amazingly low 20x play-through is met. In other words, you would need to make $400 in wagers before becoming eligible to cash out any free money on your $20 free no deposit bonus.

Now, for some of you, this might sound unreasonable. However, for anyone who plays Blackjack with basic strategy or who knows just how much you can win on the slots with a single quarter bet, accumulated winnings will help facilitate your cash out in no time at all. In just two hours, a single player at the blackjack table will have wagered over 800 hands. Assuming you are making $1 bets, it would only take 2 hours before meeting Superior Casino's play-through requirement. And as long as you play your cards right, even if you can just stay even, you will be $20 bucks richer.

Again, there is absolutely nothing to lose by taking this offer, unlike other bonuses that often entrap players to deposit more money in order to cash out. Of course, you may be inclined to beef up your bankroll if you find yourself having a good time at Superior Casino. However, a $20 no deposit bonus is the perfect amount, for it's not so much that you are pressured to keep depositing money, and it's not so little that you hardly stand a chance of getting your money to work for you in earning some profit. If you blow it all - oh well. Nothing gained, nothing lost.

In terms of a no deposit online casino bonus, $20 is as high as they come. You may find something larger, but that's every once in a blue moon. Be weary of large no deposit bonus offers, especially when it's a no deposit bonus being offered by an online casino you've never heard of. As always, stick with the top-rated, legally accredits online casinos like Rival Gaming powered Superior Casino.


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