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Yazino: People Spending More Time Communicating Online Than in Person

8 November 2010 by admin

facebookFor better or worse, this is an increasingly technological era where almost everything is done online. People pay their bills online, do their social networking online, play poker online, order pizza online, watch TV shows online, download movies and music online, find dates online, stalk unaware crushes online and more. Most of the aforementioned activities are fine as long as you’re also getting plenty of interactions in person. The problem is that some people are not.

There’s a new online casino called Yazino that touts itself as the first online social casino, combining a social networking website with an online casino. While that’s kind of cool, it might indicate a problem. Aren’t online activities something to be done when, for wherever reason, you are unable to be sociable? If websites like Yazino are attempting to replace traditional social interaction, I think we’ve got problems here, folks.

Shut-inYazino and Opinium research recently released a study that said that 26% of people spend more time communicating with friends online than in person. That’s more than a quarter that spend more time chatting with friends on Facebook, IM and Twitter than actually getting together to go out somewhere. The study also showed that 11% of adults are more likely to stay in during the weekend and chat with friends online rather than going out to meet them.

Look, I have nothing against online interaction. I love playing online poker as much as the next guy, but there’s something to be said for inviting the guys over and sitting around the table playing cards while you drink, joke and make fun of each other’s wife or girlfriend. No amount of smiley-face emoticons or “lol’s” can replace the interaction of a bunch of friends hanging out together. That’s something that apparently more than a quarter of adults don’t get.

The study dubbed the new online social engagement “sofalising,” because it can be done without ever leaving your couch. One possible reason for the increase in sofalising, according to the study, is the rough economy. With so many people out of work, it’s hard to get together enough money to visit a bar or restaurant. I get that massive spending by overreaching and power-hungry governments have driven the economies of most of the planet into the ground, but there are still ways to hang out with friends for free. You don’t even have to leave the couch! Just invite other people to your couch!SimpsonsCouch1

Please understand that I’m not against spending time in cyberspace. I kind of want you to do so for at least long enough to read this blog. And there are a lot of good online casinos with fun games that you can play without having to visit a casino. Playing games online should never substitute for true companionship, though.

It may only be 26% of people who spend more time online than interacting in the real world, but most people aren’t far off. For example, the average Briton spends approximately 4.6 hours per week interacting with friends online. Meanwhile, they spend 6 hours per week meeting up in person. That’s a little too close for my taste.

There are tons of great online casinos out there and I will be more than happy to tell you about them. Just promise me one thing: Never have the online world replace the real world, because unless we’re in the Matrix, it’s just not the same. And if we are in the Matrix, why can’t I climb walls and move fast enough to dodge bullets?

One Response to “Yazino: People Spending More Time Communicating Online Than in Person”

  1. danielle jacobs says:

    true! Most activities that were done these days are through the web. Maybe because the internet is such a powerful way to communicate. I already heard of Yazino before. I believed they feature some forums in there. Am I right?