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Withdrawal Requests and Payout Speeds for U.S. Internet Gamblers

8 January 2011 by Devon Chappell

speedhumpsign.svgNobody likes delayed payments, no matter if it’s from an online casino or PayPal. The only thing worse than a delayed payment is not getting paid at all. In the iGaming world, not getting paid rightful winnings is grounds for a blacklisting and general industry-lambasting, if you catch my drift. As for delayed payments, that’s a little more tricky, and certainly doesn’t always warrant a blacklisting.

It shouldn’t be news to all the seasoned online gamblers out there that US internet casinos are facing more trying times in getting funds processed, and that thanks to the quasi US internet gambling ban, withdrawal requests are prone to delay. In other words, operators and payment processors sometimes have to go out of their way to make sure online bettors who reside in the US get paid. The good news is that the best USA online casinos of the bunch are getting the job done wonderfully. Just don’t be surprised if you are to ever experience a withdrawal delay at some point.

So the question then is, how many delays are too many and how much delay is too much. I suppose this all depends on each person’s individual patience levels, and quite frankly, it depends on the type of withdrawal method being used to transfer funds, which if connected to the player’s personal bank, represents another whole set of potential delays. In an ideal world, there would be no delays. And you no what? In regulated markets where eWallets like Neteller and Click2Pay can be used, withdrawals can be received in a matter of hours or days. For U.S. players, it’s not so easy.

The good news is that once a player has an initial withdrawal go through at an online casino, the process is very likely to go smoother the second time around. In other words, all the particular snags and roadblocks are known ahead of time and can be circumvented each time around thereafter. For player’s worried about seeing their money at all – delay or no delay – so long as they are not playing at a shady establishment, the money will eventually come. A check in the mail is always possible.

So then, what is an acceptable amount of delay? Days? Weeks? Months? Well, certainly not months. And weeks is pushing it too. In general, a few days – up to one week – is a good tolerance threshold. More importantly, it’s all about the customer service. If you, the player, have to keep calling and emailing to ask where your money is – BEFORE the casino bothers to get in touch with you – that’s just bad service. If emails go unanswered, that’s even worse.

But the online casino that is up-front and communicative from the very beginning, bodes much higher on the approval scale, despite any delay that might occur. Again, if delays keep happening every time a withdrawal request is made, it might be time to start shopping around for an online casino. There are enough out there who have gotten the whole “navigation of U.S. roadblocks” down pat.

In conclusion, don’t jump the gun and freak out just because your first-time withdrawal doesn’t arrive when the casino says it’s going to. Be patient, but don’t let it drag on and on. After one week of delay, (on top of the original estimated time), that’s when it’s time to contact a third party like your very own Online Casino Suite, so that a friendly prod, perhaps even a fire under the lap, can be given to speed things up.

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