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Who Says US Lawmakers Are Against Online Poker?

29 September 2013 by Devon Chappell

johnmccain_onlinepokerOne can’t help but get a good chuckle out of the entire circus surrounding online poker legislature in the US, especially when even our lawmakers are caught playing poker from their iPhones during serious congressional hearings.

According to a report in The Guardian (not to mention social media outbursts of laughter), Republican Senator John McCain was recently photographed/caught on film attentively playing poker on his iPhone during the extremely heated Senate Syria hearing that has been widely debated and covered by all news outlets. Melina Mara, who is a Washington Post photographer, couldn’t help but snap away pictures of McCain when she observed him actually engaged in a poker game on his smartphone during a very tense senate debate over Syria and potential US action in the grave matter within the Middle Eastern country.

I guess even lawmakers fall prey to the same curiosities we do while working, right? But most concerning is that after McCain realized he was snapped by a photographer during his online poker session while seated during the Syria hearing, he didn’t seem too concerned at all. Supporting what I believe to be a lack of contrition when caught playing online poker from his iPhone, McCain tweeted that a lengthy 3-hour long session concerning intervention in Syria (which he is firmly in favor of), was to blame, not his love for poker.

I’m not necessarily suggesting that Mr. McCain was logged onto Ultimate Poker or playing for real money, but I am pointing out that online poker has certainly commanded serious popularity, has it not? It sure seems that poker has made its fair share of headlines in the US regarding proposed bills and several failed attempts to getting an appropriate bill passed into legislature.

For me personally, my interest is piqued in this matter and I find it interesting that poker is actually being played online in the very room it so desperately is trying to become legalized for real money wagering. But my most pressing question is this: Hey Senator McCain, did you win?

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