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Who Can You Trust When There’s So Much Money Online?

12 January 2011 by Devon Chappell

Who can you trust when there's so much money online?

Who can you trust when there's so much money online?

Every now and again, I just need to vent. Well, this is one of those times. If you are new to online gambling – especially if you are a US citizen – please listen up!

Online Casino Suite is one of the more established internet gambling portals on the Web today. Furthermore, our team is composed of folks who know what’s taking place within the iGaming industry on a daily basis. I’ve personally been working in this business for over a decade (I have the wrinkles to prove it).

Let’s just say that I have seen my fair share of online casinos come and go. Whether boycotted out of business for doing bad business or just going out of business because of a lack of business sense (the two often go hand-in-hand), many of these sites were shut down because of an active and vocal affiliate community.

In case you’re wondering, gaming affiliates are sites like OCS (yours truly), which specialize in acquiring traffic and reviewing all manner of internet betting sites. Some do this more impartially than others. Some affiliates are more independent than others. In other words, what may come across as an independent review site is actually owned and managed by the casino operators that are being favorably reviewed on the site! I may be impartial to OCS (since they are my employer), however, I wouldn’t dare work for a website that encouraged it’s content writers to publish untruths.

That said, this brings me to my venting…

If I come across any more generic language on the “About Us” pages of online casinos and/or in affiliate-generated reviews of online casinos I am going to bite off my tongue. And when I say generic language, I mean bombastic crap and lies! Let me give you an example. For example, I was recently read the wording on the “About Us” page of a well-known rogue online casino that ranks for a few well-trafficked keywords and has managed to stay in business by stealing money from green, newbie gamblers (especially those in the US). I am not going to say the name of this establishment, because quite frankly, I don’t want my life to be in jeopardy (yes, that’s another reason why this site has managed to stay in business despite attempts by the affiliate community to shut it down, and YES, it’s another great argument why the US federal government absolutely needs to regulate online gambling and hold rogue casino operations accountable by law!).

Let’s just say I about choked with laughter when I read claims on the About Us page of this particular online casino that it had been nominated for “numerous awards” ranging from Best New Casino to Best Customer Service. Of course, there was no mention of what these awards were – just generic, flowery language with no substantiation whatsoever. The website goes on to say that it is powered by the “Most technologically advanced software in the world”. Ha! Another unsubstantiated and obviously biased claim!

Basically, the point I’m making is to not buy into everything you read…especially on the internet, and especially when it has to do with online gambling. Don’t get me wrong – there are crooks and unethical businesses wherever you turn: The used-car lot, certain non-profits, that infomercial you love to watch at 3 O’clock in the morning, the Home Shopping Network and former Chicago Governor, Rod Blagojevich. However, when it comes to the high stakes and extreme competition of online gaming, you are bound to get untruths and stretched claims all in the guise of vying for your business.

If an online casino is not even going to bother linking to accredited logos (which may very well be due to not holding an accreditation in the first place), non-discreetly posting bonus terms and conditions or writing content that is actually informative and not insulting to your intelligence, simply back click to wherever you came from. Better yet, start a new search or consult a player’s forum. Even better than all of this (assuming you’ve read this far :)), bookmarking Online Casino Suite (Internet Explorer browsers only). Needless to say, we publish unbiased reviews of over fifty trusted online casinos, many of which do business in US waters.

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