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When it Comes to a Popularity Contest, Nothing is More Popular Than Online Poker

6 July 2010 by Devon Chappell

Obamaga: The Quest for Facebook Popularity & Online Poker

Obamaga: The Quest for Facebook Popularity & Online Poker

I’ve never been one to keep track of who is the most popular. Chalk it up to the fact that I was never popular myself, nor ever wanted to be, the whole notion of being popular has just always seemed like a shallow concept to me. So no, I really don’t give a crap whether President Barack Obama or pop-star diva Lady Gaga has more Facebook fans, although I have to admit the buzz surrounding a Facebook runoff between the two is fascinating.

Alright, so basically I read an interesting article over at Online Casino Reports stating that Lady Gaga has overtaken President Obama with more Facebook fans. Gaga’s is a whopping 9.9 million fans, while the prez has only 9.4 million. Of course, this is perfect fodder for Republicans and the rest of the anti-Obama establishment who will no doubt turn this into a bumper sticker, or even better, encourage Sara Palin to use it as a debate argument in her next campaign for President.

In terms of online gambling – I mean, this is an online gambling blog and all – you might be wondering where I’m going with all this. Well, although you wouldn’t be far off in conjecturing that the Facebook fan runoff between Obama and Gaga has prompted Bodog and Paddy Power to offer future’s odds on the outcome, what’s more interesting is the fact that neither Barack nor Lady G have more votes than online poker.

To be more precise, there’s apparently a Zynga poker page that has more fan votes than any other page in the “book of faces”. There’s over 20.2 million to be exact – with nearly 150,000 subscribers just through YouTube. That’s more than my fair lady G and Prez O combined. That’s pretty telling if you ask me.

And the funniest (well, maybe not funny to everybody) is the fact that the U.S. government still hasn’t legalized internet poker nor online casino gambling, and that even California – where online poker is sooooo close to getting legalized – may not be able to pull through after all. I mean, I can understand some hesitation legalizing online sports betting, Uncle Sam, but casino and poker? You might as well make Lady Gaga illegal, and Facebook while your at it.

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One Response to “When it Comes to a Popularity Contest, Nothing is More Popular Than Online Poker”

  1. Casino Barred says:

    They will never outlaw online poker. US players can even play it because its considered a game of “skill” rather than luck. Personally I think both are involved. There are some very cool poker rooms online these days.