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When Getting Lucky at the Casino isn’t Enough to be Paid Your Winnings

4 October 2010 by Devon Chappell

The Money Mirage: It's out of focus because, in reality, it's all just fading away....

The Money Mirage: It's out of focus because, in reality, it's all just fading away....

For some people, it doesn’t matter how lucky they get. They spend their days gambling away at the online slot machines, hoping to hit the “big one” some day (or at least a jackpot that could pay off the home mortgage), only to find out when they do indeed hit the “big one” that they are ineligible to cash out the winnings.

Have you ever wondered what that might feel like – hitting the “big one” that is? The experience of sheer elation, freedom and release all at the same time? Your entire being instantly feeling the weight of never-ending bills and a grueling work schedule magically lifted? Your mind hit with flashes of a tropical beach that your subconscious is already planning a vacation to?

Sure, we probably all have wondered what this feels like. Many of us are quite expecting it to happen to us any day now! So long as you keep placing real money online casino wagers, then it’s a possibility, is it not? Yet, just as possible as it is to win a jackpot in the hundreds of thousands, it is equally possible to have it taken away.

I know what you’re thinking – that I’m referring to rogue online casinos in the business of cheating players. While they certainly are out there and operator fraud does indeed happen (especially to players residing in countries where regulation is non-existant….cough, cough, United States of Prohibition), it is actually quite possible to have your withdrawal denied by an online casino strictly regulated by the likes of the Malta Lotteries and Gaming Authority.

I mention the Malta LGA because that is precisely the jurisdiction where Casino Club is regulated. And it was Casino Club where a German player hit a 167,500 Euro progressive jackpot little over two years ago. But when it came time to being payed out, the player was denied every Euro of his jackpot win. Even after complaining to the LGA, who investigated the matter in full, was the player shorted his winnings.

First of all, Casino Club is a great online casino, and the Malta LGA is a great regulatory body. Looking into this case more closely, you would actually see that the German player was apparently engaging in some prohibited conduct, including unspecified fraud charges, using robot software programs, opening multiple accounts and abusing bonus offers. Granted, any one of these acts warrants an online casino operator to withhold winnings and close one’s account. In fact, these rules are in the T&C’s of every online casino in business today.

However, considering that this player had apparently gambled at Casino Club for five years prior without any “incidents”, makes you wonder if managers could have kept better tabs on this player before he hit the “big one”. And while that may certainly be the case, the bottom line is that Casino Club had nothing to gain from denying this player his winnings. In fact, it would seem they were doing the honorable thing. Since the win in question was from a progressive jackpot pooled together via several online casinos, the money wasn’t Casino Club’s to begin with. In fact, Casino Club has asked the Malta LGA to review the case and oversee that all 167,500 Euros are returned back to the progressive game’s jackpot.

In the meantime, let this be a lesson for all of us. Always read the Terms and Conditions in full before depositng with a real money online casino. On that note, be sure to read the casino bonus terms and conditions before claiming a bonus and making a single wager. You don’t want to do anything against the terms that could inadvertently be the scape goat for an online casino to not pay out.

2 Responses to “When Getting Lucky at the Casino isn’t Enough to be Paid Your Winnings”

  1. dave says:

    Go Casino owes me $3000 while Rushmore owes me on 2 seperate draws totaling $2130.They both assure me payment but is going on a month at Rushmore.Do you think my rather high withdrawals add to the tension when reaping my winnings?Should I be asking for a smaller chunk and be patient?Do you think they will pay?

  2. Greg says:

    I’ve been trying to get the $3000.00 I won playing video poker at CasinoLavida for almost 3 weeks. I submitted the required documents but they claim not to be able to locate them so i’d resend them.I went through this numerous times and have spent hours on the phone trying to get what’s owed to me. It’s a good casino as long as you don’t win.