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What Does Solitaire have to do with Casino Game Strategy?

26 January 2011 by admin

Actually you might find yourself surprised—as in the same sort of feeling of surprise of waking up to the smell of cinnamon rolls—in how solitaire can impact your strategies for casino games. And it is not like you would have to adapt the principle of solitaire in order to make it a part of your various casino game strategies. You have to be asking yourself how a fussy old card game that your grandmother plays can possibly impact your casino game strategies—all of them. The principle is really quite simple.

That principle, young casino Skywalker, is patience. Solitaire is a lengthy card game. Well, it can be depending upon how the cards are dealt to you. But the majority of the time a game of solitaire can go on. This, by the way, is why you do not often see casino solitaire; it takes up more space as a table game than games like blackjack, poker or war do. True, casinos could put it in as video machine, like video poker, but I guess they do not feel it has much draw.

Anyway. Solitaire, patience and strategy. Solitaire is a card game that requires patience. It can take time to work through the cards to get the one you need, and it may well be that only one card that is holding up the entire game, but you have to cycle through the other cards first. It is this deliberate-ness that makes solitaire a game of patience. It has a very deliberate, no rush pace to it. It forces you as a player to wait until that opportune moment, and it also teaches you not to rush when playing.

It is that last part that is the key point that players gain from solitaire—not to rush when playing. There are two reasons why you do not want to rush when playing your various casino games. The first of which is that not rushing allows you to pay closer attention to the game, what all is going on at the table and to how the cards are flowing. Playing at a more deliberate pace and not rushing allows you to think your playing strategy through more clearly. And doing so allows you to make sure you are making the best play for the situation you are in.

But the biggie when it comes to not rushing when playing is your rate of play. Your rate of play is how many games you play in a given time period, usually gauged per hour. The higher your rate of play is—meaning the more games you play per hour—the worse your odds actually are. It is not true that the more hands or games you play, the more chances you have to win. Casinos have the edge in all of their games, even blackjack in which you can use basic strategy to lower the house edge to 0.5%. Even still the house has the edge on the player. That means that there is a greater chance of you losing a round than of winning it. This is an unfortunate truth to casino games.

But playing a deliberate, no rush sort of pace will lower your rate of play, which means that you will be playing less rounds or games per hour. And that can bring your odds up a bit because there are fewer opportunities for the house to take your money. So you want to play at a slower rate, and that means acquiring the patience and ability to play at a more deliberate pace.

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