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Warning! Phishing Scams Show up on Internet Gambling Forums

16 May 2010 by Devon Chappell

But you've never even gambled at an online casino before? Photo by Stomchak

But you've never even gambled at an online casino before? Photo by Stomchak

If you’re no stranger to the OCS online gambling forum, you may have noticed a recent string of forum posts by so-called “players” in our Casino Complaints Forum section. Not the usual kind of complaint – you know the one’s: delayed payments, bonus abuse disputes, etc. Rather, these complaints are pertaining to an unnamed casino that is leaving messages on cell phones notifying the “players” they have won a large jackpot.

On a surface level, it sounds feasible, does it not? The actual act of receiving a phone call from shamsters, trying to get you to claim your winnings by giving them your bank account number, seems like a scam I’ve heard before. Oh yes, the Nigerian email scams. Ring a bell? Usually these involve some long lost relative or a random person who just so happens to know you (never mind you’ve never met them before), and whose long lost relative has died and is leaving them $10 million, which they need for you to transfer to your bank account. And sometimes, it’s the infamous “you’ve won the lottery which you’ve never played at” email scam.

That’s what this one’s like. But here’s where the crooks are getting a little more slick – not that the Nigerian email scams were ever “slick” to begin with. Instead of posing as the casino or lottery representative, they are posing as random people asking for help to get their money from the online casino. And what better place to do it than in the Complaints and moderation section of the OCS forum? Their plan is to get someone to help – whether it be OCS staff or another forum member – by eventually using their own bank account to collect the funds. Needless to say, you know what happens after you give your bank account information out.

To make things less suspicious (in some posts), the crooks are prefacing their posts with something along the lines of  “I was told to call the following number (insert digits) to claim my winnings from (enter generic online casino name, such as Casino Euro)…Please help!”, in hopes that others will call the phone number, hear a pre-recorded phone message and then leave their own bank account information to claim the funds for their self!

So, to make a long story short, do not try to help these people out. The only help they need is that of a criminal psychotherapist. In fact, don’t bother responding to the posts at all – even if your intent is to call them out. These crooks will not respond back being that they simply want you to call the mysterious phone number to leave your bank account information. Simply flag the post and warn others to not call. OCS will be around to delete these posts and forum members as quickly and efficiently as possible.


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