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US Government Using UIGEA to Control Money

3 June 2011 by admin

political-symbols-democrat-republican-oWhen it comes to the U.S. government, it doesn’t make a huge difference which party is in power. Whether it’s Democrats or Republicans, both want more power and more control over the people. Sure, there have been times when government reach has been scaled back (such as during the Reagan, Harding and Coolidge presidencies), but those eras are few and far between. Both parties think they know what’s best for you, so they should make your decisions for you.

For those who didn’t already know that, recent events regarding online casino gambling have made it clear. It’s no secret that the Bush administration wasn’t kind to U.S. Internet gamblers. UIGEA was passed in 2006 by a Republican-controlled Congress (before they lost control that same year) and signed by Bush. So it’s the Republicans who are anti-gambling, right? With Obama and Democrats taking control of the White House, Senate and House in 2008, things should have changed if that was true.

Things didn’t change. Instead, anti-gambling activity was ramped up in the federal government. It is under Eric Holder, one of the most liberal U.S. Attorneys General in history, that the Black Friday and Blue Money crackdowns happened. This isn’t about conservatism or liberalism; it is about control – specifically, the government controlling your money.

Obama’s financial reform law increased control of the banks, where you store your money, and Wall Street, where you trade your money. The FDA ensures that you only buy food that they control and only use medicine that they control. Bootlegging liquor is illegal because the booze isn’t controlled by the government. Like those other forms of monetary control, the government only allows businesses that they control. Any business needs the correct permits and business license, you need to adhere to code, and jump through all of the hoops.

That brings us to online gambling. There is nothing about an online casino that makes it more dangerous or more immoral than a casino in Las Vegas. The difference is that the Bellagio is controlled by the government, but PokerStars was not. The federal government is simply controlling where you spend your money by targeting unregulated businesses. Just as they control the food you buy, the gas you buy, the light bulbs you use, how your toilets flush and whether or not you get a loan, they also want to keep you from playing at online casinos they don’t regulate. It’s as simple as that. If federal regulation does happen, it won’t make the DOJ’s actions hypocrisy. Instead, the actions would be seen as eliminating competition so people could only play at regulated sites.

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