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Understanding Betting Systems, What They Are and Why to Not Use Them

22 June 2011 by admin

I am sure you like to maintain your bankroll no matter what online casino game you favor. The better we hang on to our bankrolls the more confident we feel. That being said, players who use betting systems when playing online casino games puzzle me.

A betting system is a progression system designed to tell a player how to wager on online poker, online blackjack, online roulette and just about any other online casino game that you can think. There are positive progressions and negative progressions in betting systems. First we will look at a negative progression. It is my hope that once players understand them they will turn to stronger betting strategies that do not put their bankrolls at risk.

A negative betting progression has players doubling their wager every time they lose a round of the online casino game they are playing. The player will keep on doubling the amount of their wager until they win around, at which point they return to their starting wager. So for the player who starts with a $10 wager on say, online blackjack, he will double to $20 if he loses that round; he would then increase to $40, then to $80, then to $160, then to $320 and so on until either he runs his bankroll out or he wins. In that example, the player’s wager was up to $320 in five rounds, which in online blackjack can happen in under ten minutes.

A positive betting progression works like the negative progression except the player doubles their wager each time they win a round, only returning to their starting wager when they lose a round. Of the two, the positive progression has a longer livelihood, but there is still a high risk of running a bankroll out. But players tend to gravitate to the negative progression, drawn by the thrill of the increased wagers.

That thrill is what pulls players into using a betting system. Other players fall into using them for a lack of knowing any other way to wager. Some online casino games have betting strategies that work within the rules and structure of their games. If not there is always flat betting, which means betting at the same rate every round. Flat betting is a safer route to go that also allows a player to have control over their how they wager and to hang on to their bankrolls.

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