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Underage Dutch Online Poker Player Loses 500k Winnings

10 March 2011 by admin

Here is the thing about being young: sometimes you act without really thinking about how far your actions could carry you and the situations they could lead to. I am pretty sure that is what Jimmy Jonkers is thinking right about now.

Jimmy Jonkers is a seventeen year old in Denmark who registered for an account with PokerStars. Once on the site under the screen name ‘zeurrr’ he began playing poker online. And what must have started out as a fun lark for some extra money worked its way into Jimmy Jonkers placing sixth in the PokerStars 5th Anniversary Sunday Million tournament. And he got in through playing in a $2 satellite tournament.

In all honesty that is pretty good work for a seventeen year old. I could not play that well at that age. So on one hand I applaud the kid for advancing so far in the online poker world, and being awarded $518,402 from a nine way split with the remaining players in that anniversary tournament.

But on the other hand PokerStars is very clear about their policy that all players on their site must be at least 18 years of age. As a result of how he performed in the anniversary tournament, attention was called to Jimmy Jonkers. After an investigation he was busted and his winnings taken back.

After placing in the tournament, Jimmy Jonkers convinced his father Jos Jonkers to say that he was the one who had played in the tournament. Once his father agreed there was flurry of activity on the personal details of the PokerStars account and a bunch of tweets on Jimmy Jonkers’ Twitter vanished. The account activity and vanished tweets were turned up by a reporter from the Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad. After trying to interview a very tight lipped and non-detail-providing Jos Jonkers who seemed to have no real knowledge of the online poker tournament, the reporter began digging and then turned the information over to PokerStars. Jimmy Jonkers’ account, which had him at nineteen years of age, was then investigated.

With the information in hand and the results of an investigation, Jimmy Jonkers’ PokerStars account was frozen. PokerStars’ Holland representative, Simon Keijzer has stated that since Jimmy Jonkers is in fact only seventeen that he is not entitled to any of the prize money and that he should not have played in the anniversary tournament knowing that he was underage and violating the site’s policy.

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