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The Unspoken Affair: Cryptologic and Playtech Privy to Online Sports Betting

15 December 2009 by Devon Chappell

Playtech Cryptologic Affair

Oh, how the days of online gambling do change. I remember when Microgaming and Cryptologic were like the only two online casino software providers in business – reputable one’s at least. The biggest bone of contention back then was who got credit with launching the first online casino (Inter Casino or First Web? or neither!) and who had the better security protocols. Later on, it was basically who had the most casino games. These days, there are practically too many casino games and software developers to even keep up with (but don’t worry, OCS still keeps up with all of them 🙂 )

While Microgaming has pretty much stayed the course over the years with their original product offering – online casino software – Cryptlogic and Playtech (who came out a couple of years after Microgaming and Cryptologic), have taken it upon themselves to diversify within the online gaming industry as much as possible. And it seems, these days, that whatever Cryptologic does, Playtech follows suit – and vice versa.

I remember laughing when Playtech announced it had obtained licensing rights to develop Marvel Superhero characters into slot machines, just like Cryptologic did a couple years prior. Whether it was coincidence or good timing, just shortly after that, Cryptologic seemed to one-up Playtech, announcing they had obtained exclusive rights to license DC Comic’s superhero characters, as well as several Paramount movie titles.

And how could one forget the drama that unfolded when Will Hill Casino left Cryptologic for a younger, sexier Playtech? It was like an episode of “Guiding Light”, minus the fake tans. On that note, goodbye “Guiding Light”. Apparently you were on the radio and T.V. for seventy-two years – and to think I never got to watch…err, chose to watch a single episode :(.

So, now that both Playtech and Cryptologic are making motions to enter the online sports betting sector, I can only help but wonder who will one-up the other first. Cryptologic is apparently very close to making a deal with French betting empire, Mangas, to partner up with European football focused, BetClic, while Playtech is working on launching a sports betting product as a result of acquiring Player2Player earlier in the year and figuring ways to maximize its newly acquired connections with Unibet and Bwin via a recent buyout of skill games provider, Gaming Technology Solutions.

If you ask me, I think it needs to come down to performing pranks on one another at all future online gambling conventions. Or, even better, seeing who can host the better party. What’s that I hear? Microgaming is giving away free cases of Stella at their next party. Oh wait, Playtech just announced they will be giving away free cases of Stella AND free back massages courtesy of this year’s Sports Illustrated swimsuit models. Now, we’re talkin’.

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