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The Temptation of Using Auto-Play Mode at the Online Casino

4 April 2011 by Devon Chappell

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to fall into the trappings of going fast. Sure, going “fast” isn’t necessarily a bad thing – the sooner the job gets done, the sooner you can go home, and consequently, the more free time you have. However, we all know that going too fast can also minimize the enjoyment of an experience, and at its worst – become a health hazard.

Just like going too fast in a car is dangerous to your health (not to mention those around you), going fast while betting at an online casino can be dangerous to your financial health. Needless to say, the internet is a fast-paced world. Inside an online casinos, it’s even faster. Granted, you don’t have to go fast. So let’s just say it’s easier to go fast.

If the online casinos had their way, they would want you to go as fast as possible. Why do you think just about every software platform allows players to gamble in auto-mode, not to mention multi-hand casino games. 100+ hands at video poker on a single hand, anyone?

Of course, for the sake of video poker, a greater amount of hands played generally correlates to bringing down the House Edge. Furthermore, being that video poker is played on a machine to begin with, it’s kind of like playing the online video poker. However, for games like Roulette and Craps, the speed of play on the Web is exponentially increased, thereby increasing how many wagers each player makes in a given time frame.

If you’ve ever played Rulette in a land-based casino, you will know that it takes a little time for the ball to spin and settle. In an online casino, you’re looking at just a few seconds. ¬†While some players may certainly enjoy getting in more bets (especially considering that online casinos tend to offer lower bet amounts), it’s important that you get in the habit of pacing yourself and taking it slow.

If you find yourself having trouble slowing down, manually change the playing speed settings in your account. Didn’t know you could do that, did you? Well, like I said, all online casinos would prefer you to play in auto-mode. Again, you would be wise to reconsider playing in auto-mode. It may seem like an efficient way to make bets, but it’s actually more efficient at eating into a bankroll.

Besides, auto-play at an online casino cuts into the entertainment factor. I don’t know about anyone else, but I kind of like taking it slow in a second screen bonus round on the real money slots. In auto-mode, you just whip through each hand, never really getting to fully enjoy yourself in the act of wagering.

So, next time you find yourself going fast in the online casino, or your bankroll seems to be disappearing faster than usual, take a breather and remind yourself to slow down.


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