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The History and Role of Blackjack Continuous Shuffle Machines

18 January 2011 by Devon Chappell

One of the newer model CSM's by Shuffle Master

One of the newer model CSM's by Shuffle Master

Lately, we’ve been talking a lot about online blackjack and the use of Continuous Shuffle Machines, otherwise known as CSM’s. As promised, let’s take a closer look at the history and functioning of the CSM.

Little over a decade old, CSM’s were first introduced by the well-known proprietary table game supplier, Shuffle Master. Not surprisingly, the original intent behind CSM’s was to help casino operators dupe card counters. Making no qualms about it, Shuffle Master even advertised their initial CSM (called The King) as being “the card counter’s worst nightmare”.

And yet, this wasn’t the only potential value of CSM’s to casino operators. Shuffle Master also cited the cost saving’s of CSM’s (needing only four decks of cards), as well as their ability to speed up the game, resulting in more hands dealt per hour. A hard sell, to say the least, casino operators were chomping at the bit to use CSM’sn (despite objections by dealers), and six year’s later nearly all the major casino’s across the globe were using CSM’s at their blackjack tables.

CSM’s are still being used to this day. Despite mathematical evidence that shows CSM’s do not raise the House Edge, but actually lower the Edge, casino operators still use them to this day. While they may not exactly dupe the card counters as much as Shuffle Master would like them to, CSM’s do indeed save costs and speed up the rate of play (by 20%), which casino operators love.

So, how does a CSM work? Well, not to turn this blog post into another episode of “How Stuff Works”, let’s just say that a series of shelves are used to dispense cards in a random and non-linear fashion. Shuffle Master’s The King uses nineteen shelves that move up and down, and which randomly receive cards that are placed back into the shuffler. The dealer simply places discards into the CSM, which then randomly shuffles the cards into any of the nineteen shelves and selects a new shelf to be dispensed into the shoe for the next betting round. Needless to say, the process is very fast, requiring no wait time on the part of the dealer.

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