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Tech World Poised for Online Gambling Development

28 February 2013 by Devon Chappell

With the major developments surrounding the legalization of online gambling, it is obvious the tech world has it eye on cashing-in on the next biggest thing. Online gaming is a multi-billion dollar industry, and developers across the industry are turning casual, social casino games into online game play for real money.

At this time, real money casino betting online is aimed overseas, where legal positions toward gambling online are more relaxed. Betting on the internet overseas is, indeed, generally legal, and as we all know, very lucrative. But game companies, from small start-ups to Zynga and even Facebook, have their focus on the ultimate prize: major earnings.

In the US, Nevada and Delaware have already mapped out their approval and development of casino gambling online. New Jersey just signed conditional legislature to introduce internet gaming.

Various State Assemblies in California, Mississippi, and Iowa (among others) have introduced bills seeking to legalize gaming online for real money. Business is business, and many US states are realizing that online gambling would bring in copious amounts of tax revenue. No longer willing to ignore the burgeoning gaming industry, state by state, we can expect to see a major increase in bills introduced on the State level to propose the legalization of betting online for money. Internet casinos are already here, people are already playing for real money on the World Wide Web, and its time to evolve into legalization and regulation. In Iowa alone, online gambling supporters report that some 150,000 residents were playing poker illegally.

As with most developing industries and technology, the legislative progress, is slow. It takes a painstaking amount of time to introduce bills and develop strategies to regulate. With many of those previously opposed to the legalization of casino gambling online – namely the major land based casinos – coming around to the thought of developing internet based casinos themselves, Silicon Valley is now paying full attention as the eventual legalization is all but guaranteed to only spread like wildfire.

Silicon Companies now believe that online gambling will soon become as easy as buying an e-book, or streaming a movie. The expediency of being able to wager money from your home or elsewhere will be just as popular and entertaining as walking the Vegas Strip.

You think people spend too much time on Facebook now? Just wait until they can bet on everything under the sun while doing so!

What potentially becomes of interest here is that Silicon Valley will potentially remove its center of attention from the oversees market and refocus on making money in the US, which is a huge plus for the US economy indeed.

Currently, companies such as Betable (San Francisco), where well over a dozen studios are now using Betable’s back-end developmental product, are popping up left and right. This is seriously the next step in online casino games and is typical of most developing industries.

As these companies ardently wait for the US market to be legalized, they are already introducing betting games in the UK, (where Apple has already finished iPhone software to accommodate them!). Last summer, Facebook launched Jackpotjoy (bingo) for UK users for real money wagers.

Zynga, the company that developed power hits like Words With Friends, FarmVille, and Mafia Wars, is advertising the impending release of its first real money wager games in the UK.

Casual gaming first exploded on Facebook’s Web site, where users could play with their actual friends. It is now being redeveloped for real money gaming action on mobile devices, so people can play casino games for brief periods of time if needed. Hey, thanks to the tech industry, waiting for your lunch order could make you a millionaire, indeed!

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